ITDA Entry Level

Learning to Dive is FUN and EASY! With ITDA Group - Sports Diving - Entry Level Programs.

Offering you a wider choice and range of learning options than any other agency.

Your training will begin with a short theory session, covering basic use of equipment, environmental factors and safety information.

Duration : 2 days

Our Price : 650MYR (incl. materials)

ITDA Resort Diver

Our first level for full diver certification and a higher grade than any other Agency.

Our unique "Resort Diver Program", from two (2) or three (3) Days to: Resort Diver... With six (6) open water divers, rescue skills, and basic decompression theory this is an excellent program. (also specialist activities designed just for this level as Intro - Levels.)

Duration : 3 - 4 days

Our Price : 950MYR (incl. materials)

ITDA Sport Diver

ITDA Group Sports Diver, is the level to be attained and aimed for as the safest and most fun diver training program ever! With the highest training standards in Sports Diving and more dives included than any other agency, plus first Aid and rescue training... This is the top of the range training available...

If you are looking for a "Sports Diving Certification", then this is it!

You will be recognised as an ITDA Group Sports Diver as one of the top trained divers for your level.

Duration : 2 - 3 days

Our Price : 800MYR (incl. materials)

ITDA Rescue Diver

If you feel that you are really serious about becoming a rescue diver and that you are "Prepared", to make a difference in an emergency situation... Then we have a choice of Rescue Diver Programs for you!

You may need to take this rescue program to progress to the next training level, as the rescue skills you have learned up to this point in your ITDA Group Training have only been basic life saving and basic water survival techniques.

Duration : 3 - 4 days

Our Price : 950MYR (incl. materials)

ITDA Advanced / Specialist Diver

The advanced diver programs fall into two unique areas - Advanced Sports Diver and Advanced Diving Specialist.

The ITDA Advanced Sports Diver Program is made up from a mix of introduction level specialist diving modules and required "Core" modules.

The ITDA Advanced Specialist Diver Programs are NOT like other agency advanced diver training and certification... Our Training is really about developing advanced diving skills and theory.

Duration : contact us for more details

Our Price : contact us for more details

ITDA Dive Leader

The ITDA Dive leader program is unique in the industry as it is far more than just a leadership level, the ITDA Group Dive Leader can train and certify entry level students and may also be used as an Instructional assistant, and as a "Professional Dive Guide / Professional Buddy".

Duration : flexible (min 14 days and above)

Our Price : 2500MYR (incl. materials)

ITDA Instructor Training Program

From Club / Resort Instructor, IHMP Dive Medic Instructor / ITDA Group Sports Diving Instructor to Technical Instructor and beyond....

Duration : contact us for more details

Our Price : contact us for more details


Many diving agencies need to use outside training organisations for first aid and CPR training, at ITDA Group we have our very own in-house "Medical Specialist Training & Certification Agency". IHMP Medical Training (International Hyperbaric Medical Programs - IHMP)

IHMP Medical Training are a part of the ITDA Group International Organisation and ITDA Instructors under go very strict CPR First Aid to Dive Medic training as part or our intensive ITP - Instructor Training Program.

Duration : 1 day

Our Price : 400MYR (incl. materials)